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September 22, 2016

Data@Carolina Announces $150,000 in Grants for Data-Driven Course Development

The Data@Carolina announced $149,733 in grants to support the development of data skills and data literacy among undergraduate and graduate students across the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill campus.  Grants were awarded to 19 faculty members representing 11 different departments.  Grant recipients will use the funds to develop new courses or revise existing courses to focus instruction on aspects of data science or to significantly integrate data into the course.

These year’s award recipients include funding for the following:

  • Colin West will enhance the current ANTH 419: Anthropological Applications of GIS course by integrating raster and vector GIS data structures into hands on activities that will teach students fundamental differences between the two structures to create and edit digital maps, and analyze spatial relationships.
  • Kenneth Bollen will add to the PSYC 859: Seminar in Quantitative Psychology: Categorical Dependent Variable Regression Models course several case studies that will be used by students to reproduce results from published studies, giving students the opportunity to apply methodological tools as part of an authentic data analysis experience.
  • Kris Jordan will introduce a new learning unit to COMP 110: Introduction to Programming that will allow students to work with real-world datasets to perform algorithmic sorting, searching, analysis, and data visualization and reporting.
  • Courtney Rivard will offer a new upper-division undergraduate course within the Department of English’s Composition, Rhetoric, and Digital Literacy minor (cross-listed with Geography), which will incorporate data-focused exercises and project-based assignments to explore theories and concepts in digital media and rhetoric.

Below is the complete list of the 2016 Data@Carolina Course Development grant award recipients.

2016 Data@Carolina Course Development Grant Award Recipients

Shankar Bhamidi
Department of Statistics & Operations Research
STOR 390. Introduction to Data Science

Ken Bollen
Department of Psychology & Neuroscience
PSYC 859. Seminar in Quantitative Psychology: Categorical Dependent Variable Regression Models

Robin Cunningham
Department of Statistics & Operations Research
STOR 455. Statistical Methods I

Stacie Dusetzina
Eshelman School of Pharmacy
DPOP 804/HPM 804. Introduction to Healthcare Database Research

Melanie Feinberg
School of Information & Library Science
INLS 720. Metadata Architectures

Kris Jordan
Department of Computer Science
COMP 110. Introduction to Programming

Tessa Joseph-Nicholas
Department of Computer Science
COMP 380. Computers & Society

Sheila Kannappan
Department of Physics & Astronomy
ASTR 503/703. Structure and Evolution of Galaxies

Saif Khairat
School of Nursing
NURS 730. Introduction to Clinical Informatics: Data, Information, and Knowledge

Rebecca Kitzmiller
School of Nursing
NURS 874. Improving Quality, Safety, and Outcomes in Healthcare Systems

Ashok Krishnamurthy
Department of Computer Science
COMP 116. Introduction to Scientific Programming

Jennifer Lund
Department of Epidemiology
EPID 766. Epidemiologic Research Using Healthcare Databases

Vladas Pipiras
Department of Statistics & Operations Research
STOR 8XX. Modern Methods for Statistical Analysis of Time Dependent Data

Courtney Rivard
Department of English & Comparative Literature
ENGL/GEOG XXX. Rhetoric and Digital Literacy

Viji Sathy
Department of Biology
BIOL 202. Molecular Biology and Genetics

Helen Tibbo
School of Information & Library Science
Coursera MOOC. Research Data Management and Sharing

Hugh Waters
School of Nursing
Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) Program Seminar Series. Data Management and Data Literacy

Colin West
Department of Anthropology
ANTH 419. Anthropological Applications of GIS

Eric Youngstrom
Department of Psychology & Neuroscience
RA Boot Camp. Data User’s Guide for Developmental Psychopathology

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